Margherita - Kitchen, copyright Jacqueline KasemierFor the peas I follow the method which I will tell you:

I put them overnight in the pot, as I do the chick peas, and in the morning I put them on the fire, as the chick peas are done, and so I boil them until they are cooked, and then I boil savoury herbs and some onion in a saucepan , and so I mash it and then I put the peas in the larger pot and I add on top some of this water and these herbs, as are done the stems of fresh <?rubiale> (I'm not sure which fruit or vegetable this is yet, after a cursory look at my dictionaries. I'll update when I get more serious.)

NOTE: Erbuccia, savory herbs used in salads or to flavour meat. Tacuinum Sanitatis says that chick peas should be cooked with rosemary, sage, garlic and parsley roots.